About the Festival

Global Unity Festival is a platform for conscious synchronised events with livestreams taking part every first Sunday of each month.


You can discover many different hosts and performers on different live virtual stages. Each stage will host events like meditation, conscious music, prayers, breathwork and many more. But what unites them all is a single intention - to uplift the world.


Each host synchronises their activities during the peak of the Festival to focus on this intention, creating a wave of positive energy. This is a place to celebrate global unity, experience inner peace and joy and contribute to increased wellbeing of society.

Mind over matter

Global Unity Festival is founded on the premise that our state of consciousness, emotions, and thoughts have a capacity to influence the reality around us. There is increasing evidence mounting that such a phenomenon is possible, with several scientists and organisations conducting scientific studies and experiments. See more information about this in our Learn section.

We are working to develop collaborations with these scientists to include the scientific measurements of the potential effects that may be created through the Festival. We hope that this will provide a measurable and directly observable feedback loop to Festival activities.

New platform

The current website you are visiting is our first prototype to allow us to launch sooner and test the viability of this project. Our team is currently working on creating a custom platform with dedicated functionality to become the most engaging platform that facilitates global synchronised events. See more about the new platform in this section.