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Adam Cox

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About me

Trying to describe myself in 1200 characters or less feels similar to crawling back into the box that I escaped from years ago. IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I'm a coach for single gay men, helping them heal from heartbreak, restore rock hard confidence and attract their dream man. I'm also a coach for coaches, helping them flip their online game so they show up with power and presence! Outside of that, I'm A LOT of fun, I don't hold back, and if you spent enough time with me, I'm gonna convince you that you really should follow your heart and step into living life on your own terms. When I'm not out helping people, you'll find me in the ocean, in the kitchen or outdoors exploring somewhere. Put me on a snowboard on in the middle of a canyon and you'll find me beaming. Put me on a dance floor and I'll draw a crowd. Are you ready for this level of excitement and confidence in your life? I'll show you how.

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