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Matt Eliot

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About me

I am an American ex-pat who is lucky enough to live on Australia's Sunshine Coast. My immediate world includes clear blue skies, farmlands, forests of gum trees, and clean sandy beaches. As a former resident of rainy Seattle, I am grateful to now live in the sun.

There has always been a drive in me to explore the grace that lives within me, starting from my Catholic upbringing to my current engagement with the power we each have to bring positivity to our immediate environment.

My lifetime study of grace has included investigations in Hindu Tantra (including Siddha Yoga and other traditions), Christian mysticism, Reiki, and especially working with Instinctive Meditation - a powerful set of teachings and practices developed by Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine.

My work is about supporting people in finding their natural source of grace and learning to benefit from it.

I am not an enlightened master of anything. Neither a guru nor a shaman.

I am a guide on the path of blessing who loves sharing time and space, knowledge and experience with like-minded souls.

Much love to you,

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