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Barbara Wicks

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About me

I am a mind and body health coach and a nutritional therapist. I create a safe and calm space for my mind and body health coaching clients to rewrite their lives as they blossom into radiance and joy.

I was born in Poland, but have spent the last 25 years living in the UK as a naturalised Brit
I had a keen interest in herbs and nutrition since I was a teenager. My great-grandfather was a self-taught herbalist, working with the healing knowledge gathered and recorded for one of the Polish queens by her court medics a few centuries ago in a form of a manuscript, which he chanced upon in his youth and which soon became the basis for his own herbalist practice.

My great-grandfather’s legacy inspired me to experiment with various dietary strategies and herbal recipes for good health and vitality from quite a young age. I had a lot of joint pain as a young child and it was even suspected that I might have juvenile arthritis, which made me really determined to find natural ways of improving my health. It was my son's asthma when he was a child, that rekindled my interest in nutrition and resulted in me training in that field.
I love my work and feel really privileged to do it.

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