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Part 4 “Mystic Margery Kempe”

by Isisi Allthings (author Alias)

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Julian of Norwich was an Anchorite in 14th Century medieval times. Why is she relevant today? We have a lot in common with her day. Plagues and uprisings!

Part 3 "Mysterious Ways" from a Day in the Life of Julian of Norwich. Here is an excerpt "One of my sayings that has become famous due to the poet you know as T. S. Elliot is “All shall be well: and you shall see, yourself, that all manner of thing shall be well” – I am glad if you can take some comfort in these words during these distressing times of global fear and anxiety about the great sickness sweeping the globe.

Remember that everything in God’s eyes is in perfect alignment and all shall indeed be well in the end. Faith and trust in these words will bring you back to your centre of grace. Acceptance of all that is, will be the alchemy that changes your inner landscape to one of peace amongst chaos." Wise words from a nun that lived seven hundred years ago! Join me for more. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel Peaceful Minds and Souls for more stories.



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