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Claudia Forward

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About me

A Spiritual Mary Poppins... inspiring natural happiness, pristine living and sacredness in normality.

I live a simple dynamic life, filled with mystery, miracles and delightful surprises.
A life where my soul ‘yes’ guides me. 
One where SMILING is a natural part of my essence.

My job is to be empty... to divine through my natural essence.. everything else is play.
Guiding my clients to this space, so they can truly shine in their light - be who they came here to be ... is the most blissful dance. I adore it.

Over the last 6 months I have created a membership, New Now Society where the focus is simply on our frequency. Everything we be, is to call this frequency higher, and to align it to our purest selves. It is the Spiritual Seinfeld :-) ... a commUNITY about nothing. So many miracles unfold through this simple practice (which is actually one of the hardest things to do).

I bring life experience. I am 50+, with my husband for 22 years years, with 2 teenage kids. I worked as an executive manager in the banking industry for 22 years, and now am running a successful business from a space of freedom, wonderment, magic, purity, spaciousness and play.

With love & grace,

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