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Jacqui Pugh

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About me

Jacqui Pugh helps people that feel stuck, lost, and depressed figure out why and how to change it within as little as 5 weeks, so they can begin feeling free and fulfilled!

After trying to abide by society’s vision for her and feeling heart-broken, depressed and unfulfilled in nearly every of her life, Jacqui hit rock bottom and decided to hire her very first coach to transform her life from the inside out! Now she uses her experience to help others heal from their past and rewire their brains so they can begin living an abundant life on their own terms too! She is the creator of the BURN program, a 14 week self-development experience that helps others learn to use their old flame to light their new fire. She has helped people gain confidence, stop unhealthy patterns, improve relationships, pursue their passions, and recover from people-pleasing on 5 different continents, using powerful techniques from her practice as a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and a Certified Full Life Transformation and Emotional Intelligence Coach to do so.

She loves teaching through fun stories laced with humor, and sprinkles in energetics and spirituality!


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